Safety Window Film to protect the family.


“With 2 (very active) young kids, I was concerned about the potential risk of broken windows from a rogue ball or rough play.”

How home window tint helped Maria with her safety concerns.

We installed a safety window film to provide extra strength to the window panes, helping hold glass together in the event of an accident. Now the kids can play without Maria having to worry about serious injury.

safety window film at home

We have a solution for you.

Safety window film is thicker than standard films and when hit with force, will help keep shattered glass in place.

In the case of accidental glass breakage, such as children playing ball games near windows, you can rest assured that the shattered glass will not harm anyone, as the film will keep all glass shards together.


Keep your family safe by avoiding glass shattering.

Glass is prevented from shattering.

Safety film holds shattered glass together should it break, preventing injury.

Know your family is safe around windows.

Get peace of mind when your children are playing near windows.

An affordable & safe solution for families.

Can you ever put a price on safety? You’d be surprised how affordable our safety film is.

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Window film provides daytime privacy
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Some key reasons to buy safety window film for your home.

Home window tinting can help to reduce heat, glare, and UV entering your home. You can also, increase privacy into rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. The benefits of home window tint range from reducing harmful UV entering your home, which can not only protect you, but also potentially reduce the furniture and flooring from fading in your home.*

Tinted and frosted films can help stop prying eyes from seeing into your home keeping your home private. Safety and security films can add an extra layer of peace of mind by helping to protect the most vulnerable entry point in your home, windows.

Our home tinting films aren’t just limited to homes! You can tint your office, retail store or workspace as well.

At Tint a Car, we have a large variety of window film options and to find the perfect solution for you, ‘find your nearest store’ and ask for a free quote today.


*Multiple factors can affect fading; fading does not constitute warranty.

Lifetime warranty for residential applications. Commercial warranty varies depending on film. On all our films, please refer to your individual warranty for warranty terms and conditions, or if you have any questions contact your nearest store. All home and commercial tinting is non-transferable.

Tint a Car ensure that all of our window films across both automotive and home or office have been ARPANSA certified, meaning that you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality of film with true specifications. It’s just one of the reasons that Tint a Car is Australia’s most trusted tinting network!

Download ARPANSA Certificate.

Tint a Car offers Afterpay and ZIP Pay which means you can split your purchase over various payment schedules with ZERO interest. Get the right look, protection and privacy for your Car Home or Office sooner using one of our associated Buy Now, Pay Later partners!