RoadviewMX Dash Camera

Step up your protection with the MX Roadview Dash Camera.

Enjoy enhanced protection with your MX Roadview recording whenever you drive.
Equipped with both front and rear cameras, the MX Roadview also features a parking mode that can record even when you’re not in the car.*


Drive with peace of mind:
The MX Roadview Dash Camera is always recording, thanks to a standard front and rear camera installation.

Capture every detail:
With Full HD 1080P recording, you can be sure to capture clear footage of the road ahead and behind you.

Stay connected:
The MX Roadview Dash Camera comes with WiFi control, so you can view and save videos using the app.

Roadview MX Dash Camera

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*Parking mode dependant on vehicle battery health and safety cut off thresholds. Parking mode will not operate at all times.