M4 Roadview Dash Camera

Quality 4K recording with
M4 Roadview Dash Camera.

Drive with peace of mind knowing the M4 Roadview has your back.
Wide viewing angles capture everything in front and behind your vehicle, while loop recording ensures you never miss a critical moment. In the event of a collision, the G-sensor automatically saves footage, providing undeniable evidence. And for added security, parking mode keeps an eye on your car even when it’s parked.*


See Clearly in Any Light:
Thanks to Sony’s STARVIS sensors, the M4 Roadview captures sharp, crisp footage even at night or during bad weather. No more blurry videos – you’ll have clear evidence in case of an incident.

Read Every Detail:
With Ultra HD resolution, the M4 Roadview lets you zoom in and decipher important details like license plates and road signs. This can be crucial for identifying vehicles involved in accidents or hit-and-runs.

Balanced and Clear Recordings:
Forget washed-out skies or headlights blinding the camera. M4 Roadview’s HDR technology balances exposure, ensuring you see everything clearly, from bright areas to dark shadows. This provides a more accurate picture of the scene on the road.

M4 Roadview Dash Camera

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*Parking mode dependant on vehicle battery health and safety cut off thresholds. Parking mode will not operate at all times.