Auto Glass and Tint

Auto Glass and Tint

Tint a Car take pride in providing a range of different auto glass and tint solutions for our customers’ diverse lifestyles. Whether you’re after the best of the best auto glass tint film for cars or a budget friendly solution for your work vehicle, we have the right film for you.

Automotive Glass Tinting

Find an auto tint that suits your style, budget and darkness

Types of Auto Glass Tint Film

  • Darkest legal tint – deep black appearance for the ultimate in sporty looks and privacy. Our Octane window tint comes in 2 darker coloured shades to choose from and offer exceptional protection from UV rays.
  • Ceramic tint – innovative ceramic technology infused film provides a durable option for those looking for the best auto glass and window tinting solution. Spectre window tint offers’ exceptional performance while being fade resistant.
  • Value for money – offers seriously hot looks on a low price tag. Our Midnight Express tint helps reduce glare for safer driving and blocks heat for a more comfortable journey.

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Locate your closest Tint a Car store using the store locator page and get in touch for an obligation free consultation. We can walk you through the range of options to help you make a more informed choice.

Legal Tint Nsw

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