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Looking for the best window tint film for your home? Below, find out what makes ours the best window tint film and what the best window films are for privacy and heat reduction.

Tint a Home is the best window tint network in Australia with over 42 years of experience providing tinting services. We offer a range of window tint films to suit any lifestyle. Here is what makes ours the best window tint film for home and what the best window films are for heat reduction and privacy

What Makes Ours The Best Window Tint Film

Our films are the best window tint for home because:

  • They are government certified by ARPANSA to ensure the highest quality
  • All installations are done by professionally trained installers
  • We offer a lifetime warranty for residential applications
  • They help to protect you, your family and your home’s flooring & furnishings from harmful UV rays
  • They help to keep your home cooler in summer months and cosier in winter months (by making your air-con and heating more efficient you’ll notice a positive difference to your power bills too)
  • Our security and safety films help to protect your family and valuables against break-ins, accidental breakages and severe weather

Best Window Film For Privacy

The best window film for privacy is our reflective film. Our reflective film turns your windows into a mirror so you can still see out but those on the outside can’t see in.

Best Window Tint For Heat Reduction

The best window tint for heat reduction is our solar film. Our solar film rejects up to 68% of heat, keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature and also helps to reduce glare. Solar film is ideal for larger windows such as bi-folding doors, or floor to ceiling windows.

The solar film also helps to prevent fading of your flooring & furnishing caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays and also protects you & your family from harmful UV rays.

Find Out More About What Makes Ours The Best Window Tint Film

For more information call our customer service team on 13 TINT or use our Store Finder to find your nearest store and get a quote for the best window tint for homes today.

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