Best Window Tinting Brands for Cars

Best Window Tinting Brands for Cars

We stock the best brands of car window tints

Tint a Car is a name that’s recognised across Australia for quality window films. And in keeping with our tradition of providing only the highest quality films at affordable prices, we stock a wide range from some of the best brands of window tints for cars.


Octane tint films offers an unprecedented level of darkness, and is the darkest legal tint film for cars. With maximum glare, heat and ultraviolet (UV) protection, Octane provides the ultimate in look and privacy. Being a Tint a Car exclusive film, all installations come with a limited nationwide warranty for that added peace of mind.

Formula One

Formula One film is one of the most advanced and best window tints for car windows. With patented CMC technology and the highest SPF 50+ UV protection, if you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than Formula One!


Unbreakable film provides a strengthening and protective barrier for your car windows. This makes it one of the best automotive tint films available if you’re after safety and protection, as it helps hold the glass together even if the actual structure of the glass is compromised during an attack.

Best tints from the best experts

Get in touch with your local Tint a Car store for an appointment to view some of the best car window tinting brands. Our experts could work with you to determine which film suits your specific needs best and answer any questions you may have on tinting your car windows.

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