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If you’re looking for car tinting Sydney-based services, we have multiple stores that provide high-quality car window tinting in Sydney.Below we list the types of films in our range available in our car tinting Sydney-based stores along with what makes us the most trusted window tinting network in Australia.

For almost 50 years Tint a Car has been supplying Australians with all their tinting needs. In addition to car window tinting in Sydney, we also do home and office window tinting. All our films are exclusive to us and are Government certified by ARPANSA to ensure the highest quality. We offer a lifetime warranty on most of our films and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your car tinting in Sydney. Here are the films you can choose from in our car-tinting Sydney-based stores.

Our Films Available For Car Tinting in Sydney

  • Octane – This is our darkest legal tint, available in two shades. This film blocks out heat, glare and 99% UV rays.
  • Black panther – Our high-performance tint provides unprecedented heat protection, exceptional UV protection, scratch resistance, zero signal interference from electronic devices, reduction in dangerous road glare by 63%, and better visibility & clarity  -all whilst also reinforcing glass for durability & improved safety.
  • Spectre – Window tint that utilises innovative ceramic technology for superior infrared heat rejection, fade resistance, and clear, uninterrupted viewing through the vehicle’s glass – and it won’t interfere with your in-vehicle technology.
  • High Octane – This is our darkest legal safety tint providing privacy but with the added benefit of keeping you, your passengers and valuable items in your car safer & secure from injury, theft and ‘smash & grab’ attacks.
  • Formula One – UPF 50+ protection film providing optical clarity & outstanding performance and heat, glare and UV ray rejection with a strong UPF50+ solar protection rating.
  • Midnight Express – Our value-for-money tint that rejects 99% of UV rays, reduces glare and blocks heat.

All car tinting Sydney installations are done by professionally trained installers and at most stores, we have free courtesy cars available for you to use while we’re tinting your car. We also offer ‘No Interest Ever’ finance options with Afterpay and Zip Pay so you can tint now and pay later.

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Call 13 TINT to arrange a quote for car window tinting in Sydney or find your nearest car tinting Sydney-based store to speak with your local car tinting experts about the best film for your car and to get an on-site quote.