Cost of Car Window Tinting

Cost of Car Window Tinting

Are you thinking of having your car windows tinted? If so, you’re probably wondering the cost of car window tinting. Our team of tint professionals have put together this article for just that – to help you gain an understanding of the average cost of car window tinting to help you make a more informed decision on your tint job.

Not all car tints are the same – each of them vary with options such as darkness, reflection and protection level in the case of specialized unbreakable window tint film. These contribute greatly to the overall cost of car window tinting, as the cost of your overall tint job would vary significantly on what window tint you pick.

Cost Of Car Window Tinting - 4 Wheel Drive Beach Bg

In order to provide you with a range of car window tint options, Tint a Car has tint film options ranging from value oriented films for the budget conscious, darkest legal tint films for those after a slick and stylish look as well as unbreakable film – for those that seek the ultimate in safety and protection.

If you’re after the cheapest car window tint available, you might want to consider the Ash Cool range that we at Tint a Car exclusively stock. Even though the cost of tinting cars are significantly cheaper if you opt for Ash Cool, if doesn’t mean you’re getting less value for your money.

ash cool - car window tinting

Ash Cool window tinting is a budget tint film that offers an exceptional combination of glare reduction features and stylish looks, while still providing awesome value for money.

In order to obtain a more personalized cost of car window tinting based on your individual circumstances and vehicle specifications, speak to your local Tint a Car store.

With extensive industry experience in the car window tinting industry, and access to professional installation tools and solutions, we at Tint a Car offer a lifetime guarantee on most of our car window tinting jobs.

In addition, we could also help you pick which window tinting type is best for you, making recommendations based on your individual needs – including your budget and lifestyle, to ensure we keep the cost of car tinting to the bar minimum!

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