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With numerous car tint providers selling a range of tint films, it could sometimes be confusing to decide which window film to pick. And the fact that most of them advertise their products differently at a range of price points certainly doesn’t help most people understand which tint film to pick for their lifestyle.

In order to make the process of picking the best tint film for your needs simpler, Tint a Car offers a range of high quality window tint films that customers could pick from, to suit their specific requirements.

For example, if you’re after a quality tint film on a restrictive budget, Ashcool tint film offers exceptional value for money. With great glare rejection, Ashcool tints provide stylish looks and a ten year limited warranty to provide you with that added peace of mind for your investment.

Desktop_Tint for $295 (Aug22)_LR

If you’re after a darker shade of tint however, consider Octane – our darkest legal tint film. Offering maximum glare, heat and UV protection, Octane is an exceptionally high quality tint film that is exclusive to Tint a Car.

So as you can see, picking the right tint film for your needs is easy with Tint a Car. Speak to a member of our friendly team at your local Tint a Car dealer for an individual consultation.

Our staff is more than happy to walk you through our range of quality window tints, helping you pick the one that works best for your lifestyle needs.

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