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Invisible Paint Protection Film

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Protecting your car’s paintwork is now easier than ever before with our innovative range of vehicle exterior protection solutions. They offer exceptional performance year after year and is guaranteed by our lifetime guarantee* to give you added peace of mind knowing you’re getting the very best.

Our Range of Near Invisible Paint Protection

You local Tint a Car team have a range of exterior surface coatings for car paint protection. This range includes:

  • EliteX – extreme protection that’s designed to last. EliteX offers a revolutionary high gloss finish combined with the ultimate in hardness and durability to offer continuous protection against bird and bat droppings, bugs and tree sap stains.

  • Near Invisible paint protection film – a proprietary self-healing invisible paint protection solution that is stretchable and long lasting. It moulds to your vehicle’s surface and provides effective protection against stone chips, scratches and scrapes.

  • Quartz based invisible paint protection – effective protection against fading and premature aging, caused by prolonged exposure to UV. Our Quarts based paint protection solution offers good hydrophobic properties and a deep gloss to keep your car looking new, regardless of weather.

Find a Paint Protection Solution

Get in touch for a free consultation. Our team can walk you through the different options ofnear invisible guard paint protection and help you make a more informed choice.

* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.