Midnight Express Tint

Midnight Express Tint

Midnight Express tint is actually rather dark, but still legal and doesn’t obscure your vision. It looks fantastic, as well. In Australia, the Roads and Traffic Authority says that the VLT (visible light transmission) through car windows is 35% on every window. If you even tint your windscreen, then a band that goes across the top is safe, so long as its depth is no more than 10% of the windscreens own depth. Midnight Express tint is a gorgeous black window tint at 35% VLT which doesn’t obscure your vision while driving late at night and it will block out a good portion of the hot sun during the hot days.

Midnight Express Window Tint

Midnight Express has the benefits of:

  • Seriously hot looks
  • Cuts more than 50% heat & glare
  • Maximum UV rejection
  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty
  • This film is exclusive to Tint a Car

With such a dark tint, you’ll be able to feel secure in your privacy and you’ll still get full-time protection from the heat of the day. Not to mention all the attention you’ll get with such a stylish looking car.

But what if your new Midnight Express window tint gets all dirty from all that driving? Don’t worry; just head over to your local Tint a Car. Tint a Car has Window Tint Cleaner, a formula which has been designed to clean dirt, oil, and grime from your windows and leave your new Midnight Express tint streak-free. Remember that Tint a Car’s Window Tint Cleaner is only available in stores.

If you haven’t already tinted your windows, then what are you waiting for? Drive down to your local Tint a Car and grab some killer Midnight Express tint for your car’s windows today!

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