Mobile Car Tinting

Mobile Car Tinting

Mobile car tinting can serve a variety of purposes, like enhancing the exterior appearance of your beloved mobile car, or protecting both you and the insides of your car from UV light or the dog days of summer. Not to mention that mobile car tinting can vastly increase the privacy your car provides. If you want to do your own mobile car window tinting then many automotive stores and even online retailers carry a wide selection of DIY mobile car tinting kits. However, because there are so many kits available, you should seek out the proper knowledge and plan ahead to select the kit that is best for you. Firstly, we should familiarize ourselves with the ratings for tinting kits.

Tinting Kits

Standard rating for tint kits shows the percentage of light that is allowed to be passed through the tinted window, the VLT. For Australia, the Roads and Traffic Authority permits 35% VLT for every window on the mobile vehicle. Once you have verified your local laws and regulations, and gained a bit of knowledge on the subject of mobile car tinting, then select the appropriate kit.

Tint-a-Car offers a wide range of car window tinting, including:

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Next, carefully clean your window with a commercial cleaner specifically for windows before you apply your new tint. Next, if you’ve chosen correctly, the tint should already be cut. Start from the bottom as you gently but firmly press it to the glass. From the bottom, work your way up and be sure to firmly apply pressure so that the tint’s adhesive is firmly stuck to the surface. Use careful and cautious movements to work out anything sticking out, such as creases or wrinkles. Grab the squeegee and use it to carefully remove the remaining air bubbles. Now just allow the tint to cure and you’re done!

If you’re concerned about correctly applying your car window tint, just get the experts at Tint-a-Car to do it for you. With stores across the country there’s a Tint-a-Car specialist near you.

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