What Is The Darkest Legalist Tint In NSW

What Is The Darkest Legalist Tint In NSW

Dark window tint films helps achieve that sporty, classy and sleek look when applied to almost any vehicle. However, when applying a dark tint film, you should be mindful of the window tint film legal regulations that govern your particular state.

For example, the darkest legal tint film in New South Wales should adhere to the regulation of being at least 35% VLT. The VLT measurement (which stands for Visual Light Transmission), is an indicator of the amount of light that passes through your car’s windows. As such, 35% VLT means that 35% of light entering is passes while the rest is blocked out.

So while many car window film applicators provide customers with dark window tint options, they may not all be aware of such regulations – which could result in you receiving a fine for installing darker than legal window tint film and even being asked to remove the window tint film off your car’s windows.

Darkest Legal Car Window Tinting NSW

How Can We Help?

To help avoid all these inconveniences, Tint a Car carries Octane window tint film – the darkest legal window tint film in New South Wales, allowing you to obtain a one stop solution to the darkest tint film in NSW!.

Octane allows you to install the darkest possible tint film in NSW without having to worry about the legal implications – as we’ve done all the research for you, saving you both time as well as the inconvenience of potentially receiving a fine for your car’s window tint film application.

  • Octane window tint offers exceptionally high levels of privacy for your car’s cabin. This helps keep your car’s interior safe from prying eyes, whilst still being within the regulations of legal tint film darkness in New South Wales.
  • Heat and glare reduction – with heat and glare reduction of up to 99%, Octane window tint film helps keep your car’s interior cool and comfortable during summer. Due to the increased heat rejection, your car’s air conditioning system could work less hard to maintain your cabin temperature, resulting in increased fuel efficiency too!

With all these benefits, Octane window film is a clear choice! Exclusive to Tint a Car, it’s no wonder why many automotive enthusiasts looking to install the darkest legal tint film in NSW trust us for the job!

Speak to your local Tint a Car dealer for expert advice personalized to suit your individual requirements, and start benefiting from Octane – the darkest legal tint film in NSW, installed on your car!

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