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Caring for car window tint is something that should not be taken lightly – tints that are taken good care of will last for years, looking new just as the day they were applied.

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Drying Time

One of the first things to remember immediately after applying window tints is the drying time. Most window films would take four to five days to dry. However it could take a few days longer, depending on the weather conditions.

Due to this, avoid rolling down windows until they are completely dry – this ensures that the window tint film bonds on to the glass surface fully.

Suitable Cleaning Agents

The second most important thing to remember in car window tint care is to use a suitable cleaning agent. Most regular window tint cleaners contain ammonia, which could cause streaks and discolouration to occur on the window tint film.

Belt Whiplash

The last but certainly not least important tip in caring for tinted car windows is to take care when removing your seat belt. Sometimes the seat belt could snap back onto the glass, creating a small but distinct chip on the surface of the window tint.

To avoid this whiplash effect, retract your seat belt carefully when exiting your car.

Contact a Tint a Car Store to Learn More

Following these simple tips of car window tint care could leave your car tint looking sleek and stylish for many years to come.

For personalised help on caring for your car’s tint, speak to your local Tint a Car dealer – our team of specialists are more than happy to make recommendations on window tint care products based on your individual needs.