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Looking for window tinting in Blacktown? Tint a Car are your local window tinting experts with nearly 50 years of experience in the industry.

Below, find out the window tinting Blacktown services we offer and the films available in our range.

With our high-quality films, installations done by professionally trained installers and our friendly customer service, we are Australia’s most trusted tinting network for car, home and office window tinting.

Here are the window tinting Blacktown based services we offer:


Car Window Tinting In Blacktown

Our local window tinting Blacktown based team provides high-quality car window tinting.

We have a range of films available including:

  • Octane – our darkest legal tint
  • High Octane – our darkest legal safety tint which is up to 4 times thicker than standard film
  • Spectre – uses innovative ceramic technology to reject heat and UV rays
  • Formula One – offers 50+ UV protection and maximum heat rejection
  • Midnight Express – our value for money car window tint

Home And Office Window Tinting In Blacktown

With all the benefits of home or office window tinting in Blacktown, it is a wise choice.

We have a range of films to meet different needs, with varying benefits including:

  • Solar window films – Reduce heat & glare in your home
  • Privacy films – creates daytime privacy whilst still allowing natural light to enter your home
  • Safety films – improve safety and security by holding shattered glass together in the event glass is broken
  • Security films – Stronger than a standard film that is harder to break if hit with force and if broken, holds shattered glass together
  • Decorative films – ideal for both residential or commercial applications in areas such as internal office spaces or bathrooms

Through your local window tinting Blacktown based store, you will receive a lifetime warranty on all residential applications and up to 15 years for commercial applications.

Contact Your Local Window Tinting In Blacktown Store

Call 13TINT or use our Store Finder to locate your window tinting Blacktown based team.

We will be able to provide you with all the info you need and arrange a time to do a free measure & quote.

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