Bathroom Window Film

Bathroom Window Film

For some, bathrooms can be just another room in the house, but for others, bathrooms are a sanctuary – a place for relaxation, peace and quiet. The most popular ranges of bathroom window film are ones that have some opacity, yet still allowing sunlight into the room. Having an opaque frosted design allows natural light to brighten up the room during the day, rather than using curtains or blinds and end up having too much light or relying on artificial lighting.

Benefits of a Bathroom Window Tint

Installing a bathroom window tint is a perfect addition to your home with a number of benefits. Not only does it decrease the amount of glare and UV rays into the room, it also increases privacy, and allows you the flexibility to section areas from each other.

We offer a range of customisable shades and designs for you to pick from. Whether you want the window film to be suitable for your home, office or shop front – we’ll have a solution for you.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Design or Print

Having trouble with picking a design or print? Let one of our experienced staff help you find the right one for you. We offer lifetime warranty on residential applications of window films so you never have to worry about it after it’s installed! Contact us on 13TINT for a free in-home measure and quote today.

Bathroom Window Tint

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