Car Solar Film

Car Solar Film

The Advantages

Car window tint film is a great way to block out the amount of heat entering your car through its windows, while at the same time enhancing its look and value. However, in addition to providing an effective barrier against heat entering and warming up your car did you know that solar film for cars also help achieve better fuel efficiency?

That’s right, solar tint film helps improve fuel efficiency by reducing your air conditioning system’s fuel consumption as it has to doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your car’s internal temperature. So a quality car solar film works in three ways – helping reduce the internal temperature of your car, enhancing the look and value of your vehicle and helping reduce fuel consumption!

Car Solar Film - 4 Wheel Drive

Car Solar Film – Huge benefits for the outdoor vehicles

Block UV Rays

In addition to this, the range of solar film for car windows that Tint a Car stocks also help block harmful ultra violet rays of the sun entering by up to 99%, and are certified to the maximum protection rating of up to UPF 50+. This helps protect you and your passengers, by providing a protective layer against the rays entering your car.

Car solar film also helps protect your car’s interior from the harmful rays of the sun, which often cause discoloration and surface cracking, especially for cars that feature leather interior. So while enhancing the overall look of your car, solar window tint film also helps maintain your car’s interior and keep it in its tip top condition – just as you’d like it to be.

Professional Installation

Tint a Car stocks a wide range of solar film for car window tinting in its range. With solarwindow film dealers spread across almost all states in Australia, you’re sure to have a store stocking solar car tint film just around the corner.

Additionally, with over forty two years experience in the car tinting industry, a comprehensive warranty service that covers most of our solar tinting services and a money back guarantee for most window tinting jobs, we promise not only a professional service, but excellent value for money and selections unparalleled by most other solar tint film providers.

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