UV Shield Window Film

UV Shield Window Film

Installing ultraviolet window film is an excellent way of keeping you and your family safer from prolonged exposure to the harmful UV radiation from the sun.

And what’s more, the UV blocking film also helps to protect your car’s interior surfaces from fading and discolouration, as it prevents ultraviolet rays entering through the windows.UV window film from Tint a Car comes in a range of colour options, including a completely transparent (clear) film option for you to choose from.

UV Shield

Bolle UPF50+ and Clear Film

Clear UV film helps you maintain the natural lighting inside your car while having the added benefits of ultraviolet protection, whereas a darker shade of UV shield window film would help create a sleeker and sportier look for your car.

With a wide range of UV films available for you to select from, there’s bound to be one that matches your lifestyle needs.

Head over to one of our many stores across Australia for expert advice, tips and helpful recommendations on installing ultraviolet blocking film on your car windows, today.

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