Car Window Tinting Near Me

Car Window Tinting Near Me

For over 40 years, Tint a Car have been tinting windows all over Australia. We offer various car window tints for infrared rejection, SPF50+ protection, a reduction in glare, and increased privacy with the darkest legal tint. If you’re asking yourself who can best service these needs for car tinting near me, Tint a Car have stores across Australia, as well as mobile tint services, for your convenience.

Car Window Tinting

The rise in popularity of car window tinting has resulted in many people asking where are the best services for car window tinting near me. Look no further than Tint a Car with our unrivalled window tint quality and service.

Tint a Car guarantees:

  • 30 day money back guarantee for car tints, if you’re not completely satisfied
  • Lifetime warranties at all stores across Australia*
  • Optional finance with ‘no interest ever’
  • Government certified films, by the ARPANSA, for the highest quality
  • Free courtesy cars while your car is being tinted
  • Exclusive products and offers from international window film suppliers
  • Installation of films by trained professionals

If you’re after the best window tinting near me, Tint a Car are the choice for you. Our window tinting will increase heat rejection by up to 76% while still allowing 70% of natural light to enter. Therefore, our highly energy efficient window tints will save you on your next electricity bill.

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To find your local Tint a Car store today, enter your postcode online or call us on 13 TINT.

*warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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