How to Improve Home Security

How to Improve Home Security

How to improve home security is easy with home window tinting. In addition to making your home more secure, there are many other benefits to tinting your home windows. Below we list these benefits along with the best tint to use if you’re wanting to know how to increase home security.

Tint a Home specialises in home window tinting and is Australia’s most trusted window tinting network – with 40+ years of providing window tinting services in Australia. We offer lifetime warranties on residential applications, installations are done by professionally trained installers and all of our films are government certified by ARPANSA. Here is how to increase home security with window tinting:

How To Improve House Security With Window Tinting

How to increase home security with window tinting is to use one of our security films. Our security film helps to prevent break-ins because it is 10 times thicker than standard film. This means that when it is hit with force, it helps to keep shattered glass in place slowing access into your home – making it safer for you and your family. In addition to increased home security, your home will also have better privacy – you can choose a reflective film that stops people on the outside from being able to see inside your home, alternatively, you can opt for a film in a lighter shade if you do not wish to alter the appearance of your home.

Some of the other benefits of using window tinting as one of the ways of how to improve house security include:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Helps to prevent wear & tear of your flooring & furniture
  • Helps to reduce heat & glare
  • Keeps your home cosier during winter months (which you’ll notice on your power bills)

We also have interest free payment options with Openpay (splitting your purchase over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months) so you can make your home more secure now, and pay later!

Ask The Window Tinting Experts How To Improve House Security

Use our Store Finder to find your nearest store and speak with your local window tinting experts about how to increase home security or call 13 TINT to speak with our customer service team.

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