Limo Black Window Tint

Limo Black Window Tint

Arriving at a special event with limo black window tint can make a grand entrance. Whether you’re looking to increase the privacy in your vehicle or to get that celebrity feeling with a more unique car, it’s important to choose the perfect limo black window tint to not only suit your taste but also comply with laws and regulations in your area.

Legality of Limo Tints

Limo Black Window Tint

Limo tint percent describes automotive films that only let 5% of light into the window by blocking out 95% of visible light, whilst this is generally too dark for consumer use cases, some vehicles used for work may have different laws applied to them.

Regardless, you should check your state’s tint percentage rules for the darkest legal tint before picking the perfect shade. If you’re uncertain about which tint to choose for your vehicle, consult the experts at Tint A Car.

Our dedicated team of limo tinting professionals has a strong understanding of local window tint regulations and can help you decide the best tint film for your individual needs, considering factors like the type of vehicle and use case.

The Right Shade for Limousines

If you are looking at film options for your limousine or town car, choosing the right limo tint shade crucial for a luxurious chauffeur-driven experience. With limo black window tint providing increased anonymity and an air of celebrity to passengers, as onlookers anticipate who is inside the luxurious vehicle.


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For a free quote on your tinting needs, call Tint A Car or visit one of our nearest stores. Enhance your limo experience with the perfect tint shade that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also provides safety and complies with legal requirements.