One Way Window Film

One Way Window Film

Improve the privacy of your home

If you’re looking for ways to improve privacy in your home, then an application of the one way window film might just be the answer for you. From the outside, the window will simply appear to be reflective, but if you’re on the inside, you’ll be able to see through it just like a regular window.

Living room - One way window film

What’s more, with a large range of home window tint film to choose from, you’re never out of options either.

Benefits of house window tinting

The one way window film (also known as the one way mirror film), can be particularly beneficial if you’re worried about the safety of your location, or you live somewhere that’s more populated by people on foot. These areas are typically more prone to home owners being worried about their privacy – especially when they’re not home.

Having the one way film for windows will help to wash your worries away, and have the peace of mind that your privacy is being protected. Along with privacy protection, these films also provide additional benefits such as reducing the amount of heat and glare into your home.

It is important to note that this is simply a film that protects your privacy during the day time. At night time, you need to treat this as a regular window, where blinds or shutters are advised to be used when lights are on within the house.

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