Window Film DIY

Window Film DIY

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If you’re wanting to purchase window film, clean and polish the surface, and then apply the tint onto the window, what could possibly go wrong?

DIY Tinting Concerns

Understand that there are a number of drawbacks to DIY home window tinting:

  • Proper Measurement and Application – average home tools just won’t cut it when compared to the quality of professional measurement and application
  • Quality of Window Film – how much you paid for the film can often reflect on the quality of the film itself and its longevity
  • Time and Stress – going through the process of a window film DIY can be a long and stressful task to embark on

Not only are the results of your DIY window tint application permanent, but it can impact on the overall look of your window as well. Home window tints are supposed appear as one with the window, with no traces of bubbling. Although paying a professional can cost more than purchasing the required tools yourself, it will pay off in the long run.

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Get a Professional Home Tint

Avoid the hassle of DIY home window film by having a professional apply window film in your home or office. This will guarantee the outcome, quality and longevity of the film.

Ditch your window film DIY project and call us on 13TINT today!

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