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Window film is a great option if you’re worried about visibility and people on the outside being able to see into your office. Below is a list of the different types of privacy film we offer and why so many people are choosing privacy window film for commercial buildings.

Tint a Home is Australia’s most trusted tinting network with over 42 years of experience providing tinting services throughout Australia. Our films are exclusive to us, are installed by professionally trained installers and are Government certified by ARPANSA to ensure the highest quality. These are the privacy window films our stores throughout Australia have available:

Our Range Of Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film allows you to add privacy during the day without losing your view. You no longer need to pull curtains or blinds and natural light can still enter your office which is why it is such a popular choice.

With our solar privacy window films, you have the added benefit of reducing glare & heat so reflections on screens are minimised and your office maintains a more comfortable temperature all year round (you’ll notice a difference in your power bills too!).

We have a range of privacy window film optionsto suit a variety of requirements and applications including:

  • Film in darker shades that obscures the view on the outside but doesn’t appear darker from the inside
  • Reflective window film (turns your window into a mirror providing ultimate privacy)
  • Frosted window film (an opaque finish ideal for areas like bathrooms – also available as decorative window film where you can incorporate a design in the film for a stylish edge)

With its sleek, modern finish, our reflective window film is popular with office spaces as is decorative window film. Because you can customise decorative window film designs, you can add your business logo or branding.

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