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Window protection film gives you the peace of mind that you, your family and your valuables are safe and secure. Below is information on the glass protection films we offer and why glass protection film is such an excellent investment for your home.

Tint a Home is Australia’s most trusted window tinting network. We have been providing tinting services in Australia for over 42 years. Our films are exclusive to us, are certified to ensure the highest quality and are installed by professionally trained installers. Our residential applications have a lifetime warranty and commercial applications have up to 15 years. Here is how protective window film makes your home safer for you, your family and your home

What Is The Best Window Glass Protection?

There are different options you can choose from when it comes to home window protection, however, glass protection film not only protects the glass in your windows but has many other benefits too including:

  • Flooring & furnishings in your home are protected from premature fading, wear & tear from prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays
  • You and your family are protected from the damage caused by harmful UV rays
  • More comfortable year-round temperatures with heat reduced during summer months and retained during cooler months (you’ll notice a positive difference in your power bills too – glass protection film can act as an insulation layer making your air conditioning and heating more efficient)
  • Glare is reduced which helps to eliminate reflections on screens
  • Privacy – We offer a reflective film that turns your windows into a mirror offering the ultimate privacy as well as other films in varying shades (if you don’t want the appearance of your home altered, lighter shades are available)

Anti-Shatter Glass Protection Film

Our anti-shatter glass protection film is a great option for protecting the glass windows in your home and also your family. Our safety window films make glass stronger so they don’t break as easily, but if the glass does get broken, the film holds the shattered glass together. This not only helps to prevent break-ins but also keeps your family safe from injury. Our security film is 10 x thicker and 7 x stronger than standard film and our safety window film is also stronger and thicker than standard films.

Ask Us About Home Glass Protection Film Today

If you want to make your home safer with glass protection film, ask us about our anti-shatter glass protection films including security and safety window films. Call us on 13 TINT to find out everything you need to know about protective window film for homes. You can also use our Store Finder to find your nearest store if you’d like to speak with your local window tinting experts in person.

Getting A Quote For Safety Window Film

Contact your local Tint a Car glass protection film store to arrange for one of our local technicians to visit your home to do a FREE measure and quote. Our technician can guide you on the best films to use in different areas of your home.

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