Have Rear Window Tint Removed and Replaced

Have Rear Window Tint Removed and Replaced

Removing old window tint could be quite daunting for most people. However, with access to a variety of specialised tools and equipment, removing your old and bubbled window tint is a breeze!

Have Rear Window Tint Removed And Replaced

While the specific costs of removing car window tint depends on your car’s make and model, the cost of getting professional help is much lower than most people think.

This is especially true if you consider the time required to remove your old tint properly, and the consequences of not doing it right in the first instance.

Most car window tints are made using layers of film bonded together to create a single film. Attempting to peel off the tint without proper skills and specialised tools could result in the separation of these layers, leaving a sticky mess on the surface of your windows.

This is often much harder to remove, than removing the film ‘in one piece’ – rear window tint removal often being the hardest, with most modern electronics attached to its surface.

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To have your tint removed the right way, speak to your local Tint a Car dealer. And if you’re looking to remove and replace old tint, ask us about window film trade-in for a special deal on your next tint.

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