Security Film

Security Film

Benefits of Security Film

Security film is an excellent way of improving your home’s security, by reducing the possibility of break-ins. It acts by strengthening the glass, and holding together the shattered glass fragments in the event of forced entry or shattering, helping reduce the likeliness of flying shrapnel.

Given the fact that security film is up to 7 times thicker than standard film, it’s an excellent investment in your home’s security. And what’s more, security film comes in a fully clear option to allow unrestricted flow of natural light or in tinted shades to add a touch of privacy to your living spaces.

Tint a Car can Install Security Film on Your Windows

Get in touch with your local Tint a Car store to learn more information about the versatility of installing security film on your windows. And what’s more, rest assured your investment is protected with our lifetime nationwide warranty!

Security Film


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