Security Glass

Security Glass

Security glass is used in situations where safety and security are the primary concerns, should someone attempt to break the glass in a robbery attempt, or in a vehicle, so that glass will not shatter in an accident.

Laminated glass is used for entrance ways, glass floors, aquariums, display cases, and museums. The lamination of glass is a perfect solution for safety, as two or more glass panes are bonded together, with a plastic layer between, with a robust adhesive, and the two or more layers and the plastic layer makes it impossible to break through.

If the glass should break, the glass tends to remain in its shape, and only the broken portion would be dangerous, the rest of the glass would retain its shape and strength.

Smashed Security Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is used for car windshields because when it breaks, it is held together by the inner layer of plastic. The result is that you will have an impact in one area, with a spider web effect where the inner layer of plastic holds together, preventing the windshield from shattering.

Laminated glass is used where there is the possibility of human impact, and the degree of safety is enhanced because if its strength and non shattering. Skylight glazing and car windshield are uses that it is suited for, as well as its use in hurricane prone areas where high winds can send objects into the glass at high rates of speed.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is also called safety glass, because of its use in car glass. Tempered glass will break up into small pieces with rounded edges if it is broken, so as to minimise the possibility of cuts if it breaks in and car crash. The tempered glass is produced by controlled chemical and tempered processes.

Tempered glass, because of its safety and strength factors is used in glass for passenger vehicles, shower doors, architectural glass for tables and glass designs, trays for refrigerators, and cookware. It is also used as a component for diving masks and bulletproof glass.

There are levels of security glass where the more plastic layers that are placed between a lamination process will produce a hardened glass that is bullet proof. The lamination process makes the end product to tough and impregnable, it is used for high security areas where valuables or important people need a high degree of protection.

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