Average Cost Of Window Tinting

Average Cost Of Window Tinting

The average cost of window tinting will depend on how many windows require tinting and how big they are – if you choose us to have your home windows tinted, tinting can cost as little as $250 per room. Below is information on how you can get a quote for home window tinting and how you can get in touch with our tinting experts to find out more about the average price to get windows tinted.

With over 40 years providing tinting services in Australia, Tint a Home is Australia’s most trusted window tinting network. Read on to find out how you can get an average price for window tinting.

Why Home Tinting Is A Wise Investment

When considering the average price for window tinting, it’s important to think about the fantastic investment home window tinting is for your home. Benefits of home window tinting include:

  • A cooler home in summer and a cosier home in winter (which has a positive impact on your power bills – win-win!)
  • A reduction in glare (no more reflections on your TV screen)
  • Privacy (we have a reflective film that turns your windows into a mirror, so those on the outside cannot see within(
  • Lighter tinting options that don’t alter the appearance of your home or have an impact on the natural light entering your home
  • A reduction in UV wear & tear on your carpets, floorboards and furniture
  • You and your family will be protected from harmful UV rays
  • Shatterproof security films that help prevent break-ins as and protect against injury if the glass is broken accidentally
  • Additional aesthetic elements with our decorative films

We also offer a lifetime warranty for all residential applications and interest-free payment terms with Openpay – you can have security tint for your home windows for as little as $2 a day!

So as you can see, there are so many benefits to home window tinting when you consider the average price to get windows tinted.

Speak To Experts About The Average Price For Window Tinting

Contact your local window tinting experts about the average price to get windows tinted using our Store Finder to find your local store or call 13TINT to speak with our customer service team who will be able to give you the average price to get windows tinted.

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