Window Tinting Suppliers: Top Choices for the Best Car Window Tint

Window Tinting Suppliers: Top Choices for the Best Car Window Tint

Articles > Window Tinting Suppliers: Top Choices for the Best Car Window Tint

Tint a Car is a beacon of excellence in Australia, celebrated for providing superior window films. Our commitment to delivering the best car window tints from renowned window tinting suppliers is unwavering. Specialising in cutting-edge ceramic tints for cars and even home window tints,  we customise our offerings to perfectly suit your needs.

Octane: The Ultimate in Dark Tints

Octane tint films represent the pinnacle of legally allowed darkness, providing more than just an aesthetic edge. These tints offer unparalleled glare, heat, and UV protection, ensuring both comfort and privacy. We’re so sure of our most popular tint, Octane comes with a nation-spanning warranty, demonstrating our dedication to your satisfaction and product reliability.

Technical Specs:

  • Solar Energy Rejection: 62%
  • Glare Reduction: 78%
  • UV Rejection: 99%

Spectre: The Ceramic Revolution

Spectre stands tall in our ceramic tint for cars collection, boasting an impressive 87% infrared heat rejection. This feature guarantees a cooler, more comfortable interior. Its striking deep black shade enhances privacy while adding elegance to your vehicle. With 99% UV rejection, Spectre shields you effectively against the harsh Australian sun. This high-performance tint is backed by a lifetime national warranty, ensuring lasting peace of mind.

Technical Specs:

  • Infrared Heat Rejection: 87%
  • Glare Reduction: 57%
  • UV Rejected: 99%

Black Panther: The Hybrid-Matrix Leader

Black Panther from Tint a Car is a pioneer in window film technology. With its advanced hybrid-matrix design, it features multiple nano-ceramic layers that efficiently trap and disperse infrared heat, keeping your vehicle’s interior cooler and more comfortable. Known for its zero interference with electronic signals, Black Panther is ideal for those who value aesthetics, performance, and connectivity.

Technical Specs:

  • Total Solar Energy Rejection: 65%
  • Infrared Energy Rejection: 99%
  • UV Protection: 99%
  • Glare Reduction: 81%

Expertise at Your Service

Visit your local Tint a Car for a personalised consultation. Our specialists will help you choose the ideal tint, considering your unique requirements. Embrace excellence in window tinting with our ARPANSA-certified range.

Why Choose Tint a Car?

  • Over five decades of innovation and premium quality.
  • Exclusive range including Octane, Spectre, and Black Panther.
  • Comprehensive nationwide warranty and ARPANSA certification.
  • Convenient payment options like Afterpay and ZIP Pay.

For the finest in car window tinting, rely on Tint a Car’s premium selection. For details or to book an appointment, call 13TINT or find your nearest store. Trust Tint a Car for unmatched quality and service in window tinting suppliers.